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Every Customer Matters

Scale up to understand the needs of every customer across the largest Installed Base

Focus on the 100%

Don't just focus on the top and bottom 20% customers while ignoring the middle 60%

Prioritize Your Time

Get reliable insights into your Customer Accounts to drive investment decisions

Purpose-built for Industrial OEMs

Designed to help you make smart, data-driven investments

Monitor customer stickiness

Pre-empt & arrest churn

Launching the world's first Industrial Customer Loyalty Manager
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Entytle, Inc. is a provider of Entytle Insyghts, the world’s first Installed Base Data Platform (IBDP) for Industrial OEMs to unify, organize and analyze their customers’ information while significantly improving available data quality. Insyghts, a SaaS platform, incorporates purpose-built AI/ML analytics to identify sales and service opportunities to increase wallet share from the OEM’s Installed Base.

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Customer Loyalty 


70% of Industrial Sales come from existing customers. Can you afford to ignore them?

Launching the first-ever Industrial 

Customer Loyalty Manager

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